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Small But Mighty

Here at Babygreens we are a small and passionate team of plant lovers. We are excited to share our joy with you as you discover new plants and the positivity that lush greenery will bring into your space.

We’re on a Mission

Since 2018 Babygreens has been working to bring the outdoors in. Raising your own plant is an experience for all people to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned plant pro or just dipping your toes in, we are excited for your visit and to work with you to find the best plant for your space and circumstance. Our goal is to make the world of indoor houseplants accessible and exciting, regardless of where you live or how green your thumb is!

Happy Plants, Happy Earth

We’re in the business of happy plants, which means we care about a happy earth as well. We work diligently to deliver your plants while having little to no negative impact on the natural world that provides them. We are focused on the details and the big picture when it comes to our impact on the earth. From using bamboo-based pots, plastic-free packaging with compostable tape & soy-based inks, to ensuring our sourcing is carbon neutral; we aim to be inharmony with the natural earth as we enjoy its beauty. 

We’re here for you

Coming to find your first plant? Looking for an elusive tropical?

Wherever you are on your journey of plant stewardship, we’ve got you covered. Our staff hand-selects each plant in our inventory and raises it with care until it is ready to be passed on to its new owner. You’ll receive a happy healthy plant,and the support of our knowledgeable staff. We look forward to helping you grow with your plants.